Friday, August 27, 2010

I didn't know he was going to be doing bear jokes

Is it just me, or do the twisty, low-energy light bulbs burn out about twice as fast as regular light bulbs. So, they're poisonous, and we're going through twice as many? Should I be concerned?

When you're still single and trying to show off, or if you're married and want to do something a little special, go to Tona for your sushi. It's all hip and artsy-fartsy, the plating is gorgeous, and the food is delicious. After you're married and a little more comfortable with each other, or you just want good food without fuss, go to Koko Kitchen. No frills, but if the rest of their food is anything like the Tequila Sunrise roll I ate yesterday, you will be speechless with delight.

We ate at the Vienna Bistro last night, and I had veal for the first (and hopefully only) time in my life. I wanted to see what it tastes like, so I can choose the right cut of meat to replace it with when I attempt saftschnitzel at my own house. I'm thinking pounded pork tenderloin medallions will work just fine. You guys. The saftschnitzel. The mashed potatoes, good, the vegetables, great, the veal, good, the chanterelle cream sauce, heavenly angels singing a chorus of hallelujahs inside my mouth. Unbelievably delicious. I cannot live without it.

Then we went to The Lion King, and I was expecting to like it okay, but the puppets! Holy cow! I about unhinged my jaw when the elephant came marching out. Evidently I am easy to please, and if you throw enough money at something, I can be snookered into loving it. Other than the puppets it's like watching the movie with people doing the voices wrong. And because it's live instead of a cartoon, Rafiki couldn't totally whale on Simba's head with that stick, which was a shame. I miss Benson.


Jenny said...

Wow, I didn't know you guys went to Lion King! Hee- I just accidentally wrote loin king. Lucky ducks! Wow, my typing skills are off today. I also just wrote lucky dicks. Sorry, I had to share my mistakes. Now I'm craving sushi! Nummy!

All8 said...

We have the same problem with those light bulbs. 5-10 years, yeah right, only if they are used once a year.

Oh, I read 'The Egg & I' over Thanksgiving break. What do you think of it?

tipsybaker said...

Wait -- was that a joke about the veal? You don't eat veal?

Layne said...

All8--I loved it. There are disquieting racial issues, but for the time in which she was writing it, that's not surprising. I love how she ruthlessly trimmed all the romance off of that life. People like me should be forced to read it before making any life-changing decisions.

Tipsy--currently I do not eat veal. Except for that veal, so I'm not a great example.