Monday, August 23, 2010

it is useless to resist (my haaaannnd!)

For anyone who needed all the rain and hail: you're welcome. We cut our hay last week, so . . .

The hail is really thanks to the peach farmers, though. The peaches are just starting to come on, so obviously the hail needed to come and punch divots in their plump, juicy flesh.

I'm making carrot cake for Mrs. Magic Neighbor's birthday party tonight. I feel exactly like a famous caterer, I'm just not sure what any of them are named.

IT'S THE COUNTY FAIR THIS WEEK! The fair so important that we have to start school a week later than everyone else in the entire state. Plus the rodeo, at which I appraise the relative talent of the entrants, and whether or not the bulldoggers are any good. It's not exactly humane, but I grew up with it and love it anyhow, and pry, cold, dead fingers, etc.

Off to Sumida's fruit stand for my first box of peaches! It is the best day of the year.

I bet I've already linked to this song before, but it is so glorious and we were listening to it again this morning, and all of you with smart little kids who love Star Wars must, must, must play it for them.


tipsybaker said...

you guys get the best peaches in the world. I'm so jealous.

Matt and Emily said...

Hmmmm, maybe we'll come visit you and visit Sumida's for some peaches too! Did you get good ones?

Layne said...

I almost cried when I ate the first one. That's how good they are.