Monday, August 2, 2010

I've only changed the entire pastry industry, is all

Too bad for all you naysayers, because remember the layered pie dream? LO, 'TWAS TOTALLY ACHIEVED. Behold, the play-by-play (these are always way boring, and yet, here we are):

I made the dough the night before--my own part butter/part lard recipe; I'm way creative and into science stuff. I was resigned to making a slab pie, which has substantial merits of its own, but in thinking about the nature of pie decided that since pies don't stick to the plate they could easily be unmolded, which is half the battle. So I just made two berry pies and put them in cake pans. Crafty!
I brush them with cream and sprinkle sugar on the top. It's a trick I learned from that cookie lady who hates me.
I was very disappointed that the one pie had already burst its seams. That did not bode well for its stackability.

I cooled them for many hours while I went to lunch at the Tandoori Oven with Heidi (thanks, Heidi!) and shopping. Then the time came to unmold and stack. It was pretty intense.

You can see by my pooface that I was concentrating very hard. I also think you should applaud my moxie for posting such an unattractive photo of myself.
Then it was time for the second layer, which is where the extreme likelihood of cow-pieness came into play.
But I unmolded it, flipped it onto a fairly flat plate, and slid it onto the other layer with no harm or accident, and it didn't collapse under its own weight or anything. Difficulty level: very high, probably. The finished product was everything I hoped it would be, at least appearance-wise.

Cutting it was where John was sure it was all going to smoosh into a pile of goo, but I am a wily slicer with very sharp knives.
See how beautiful it is? It just tasted like a pie, so I don't know if it's something that would have to be repeated, except I like the taste of pie, and the appearance of cake. I feel very validated.

Thanks for sharing this event with me. Now I'm off to start irrigating.


Sarah said...

I'm one of the lucky peeps who can stand by the tastiness of that pie. It was so good. Way yummier than those lame one-level pies. Congratulations to you. What an awesome birthday.

Jenny said...

That looks amazing- nice job! I wish I lived closer to you so I could have some! And also, Happy Birthday! Hope you had a fabulous day!

tipsybaker said...

The same flavors of pie on top and bottom? Impressed.

All8 said...

Looks Fab! Did you serve it with whipped cream or ice cream?

Question: does your lard kinda taste like bacon, but not salty? I've only used it once for pie dough and it all just tasted like bacon to me, especially the pie dough with the salt. Of course it may be a positive thing with a pie that is savory but I'm unsure with something sweet. Ack! The Angst!

highdeekay said...

Hail the conquering hero! You win!