Wednesday, August 25, 2010

well out of order

Okay, so, the other night John and I were watching Food Network at his parents' house--this is how we celebrated our anniversary, because we don't have the cable teevee, and I love Iron Chef. But! Instead of Iron Chef there was a show on called Cupcake Wars. Query: is it 2008? Because, how very current of them, no? Like, way to have your finger on the pulse, Food Network.

Additionally, in Better Homes and Gardens this month is a big article about the resurgence of cooking at home, and how people just love using the best ingredients and making jam, etc. Taken with the cupcake show I was feeling like maybe I dreamed that all of this stuff was big news a long time ago. But then I remembered that the demographic of Better Homes probably skews older and less trendy--not a slight, just a fact. Maybe they were waiting for the food movement to really prove itself as a going concern before they reported on it.

We entered our tomatoes in the county fair this morning. I predict white third place ribbons for all of us. It's a bad year in the garden.