Wednesday, September 15, 2010

life, I love you . . . all is groovy

I was feeling pretty mutinous yesterday when I was planting the first of the oak trees. I had to dig three melon farming holes before it was in the right place because I was being stupid, and it kept tipping over--what is the deal with these POTS?--and busted some branches and now a bunch of the leaves are all crispy and the tree will probably die, also there were rocks and rocks and rocks in the dirt, some-nay, many-of them potato-sized. MUTINOUS, I tell you.

But then John came home and planted the last tree in about half an hour, and he made it all fancy with a trough to hold water. Showoff! I was very thankful.

Man, when we moved up here to "chuck it," as it were, I never imagined myself being this busy. With all the things I rail against, no less! We never get the kids to bed on time because the second they walk in the door it's chores, homework, reading, soccer practices/games, milking goats (this is new and temporary), dinner, baths, stories and bed, with no break. That may not seem like a lot, but once you intersperse each task with yelling (me), fighting (them), compromise of core values (me), and not being able to find the cleats and shin guards they had on yesterday (them again), it takes up a lot of time. I guess I'm probably the most overworked and underappreciated mother in the world, except for all of you who are moms, and all the other moms who have it worse than me, and probably any of the wives of those cheating miners. They seem like they've got a pretty hard row.

We have a book called ABC Animals: A Bedtime Story. It sucks so bad you can't imagine. The rhymes are the absolute worst and so contrived. I hate this book. The illustrations, which are fantastic, do not make up for the putrid text. Death to this book.


Melissa Cunningham said...

I hear you. I relate. Let's go out to the movies and leave those rotten children home!

All8 said...

You are a joy forever. Hope they grow well.

And you're right that's the story of every mother, well, maybe not the whole miner's wives thing but you know what I mean.

Have a great day! (Feeding kids, milking goats, running around like a chicken with it's head cut off--Mom stuff.)