Thursday, September 9, 2010

so papa's free to read the holy book

It's raining and cool today, and even though the house is finally at the temperature where we have been trying to get it to stay all summer (66*), I feel like the fire in the parlor should be going. But it won't! The pilot light says it's on, but maybe the thermostat is broken, like every other thing in this entire house!

For lunch we're going to be eating spaetzle. Superman loves it and eats it by the gross. I first ate it probably ten years ago when my friend Jenny made it for a ward activity. She has German ancestry and a very cool story about her grandmother bartering a manicure set in exchange for permission to cross the border into West Germany. Which reminds me: boy, those Nazis. They were a giant pain!

For a long time I didn't make spaetzle, because I didn't have the proper tool, and couldn't justify buying one for what I thought would be only an occasional dish. But the other day I realized that I could just use my large-holed grater, and it works like a charm. I feel bad about all the years I missed out on homemade spaetzle. If I had them now . . . like gold in my hand.

My mom grew kohlrabi this year and it tastes like turnips. What should I be doing with it? Do you think my new Indian cookbook will tell me?

The neighbor boy was over here the other day, and when I gave the kids some cauliflower for lunch he said, "This tastes a lot like farting." He likes eating Doritos and Twinkies and other stuff like that. He has a closet of them at home.


Jenny said...

It is a cool story. Now I'm wanting to make spaetzle. I really screwed it up the last time I tried! Do you use a gravy, or just eat it plain? Curious.

Layne said...

We ate it both ways. I would have a hard time choosing which was better. They are like my childrens; I love them all.

Matt and Emily said...

So, I have a spaetzle maker that I have used to make noodles in soup but I don't think I've actually had spaetzle. I'll have to try that- do you have a favorite recipe?