Tuesday, September 21, 2010

well at that point really I'm going on adrenaline

My favorite hotel to stay in with my family is Comfort Suites. Here's why:
1. down comforters
2. Belgian waffles
3. not so nice that we're going to feel stupid staying there with kids

Would you like to hear about my new project? 'Course you would. It's fun. I am the squeaky wheel who wondered why the big field of grass up by the cemetery is a puncture weed habitat instead of a park. So now I get to do sketches and drawings and a written proposal for my vision for the park in order to get moneys given to us at the City Council's planning meeting. And something I've already learned is that playgrounds are a racket. Any playground that costs less than twenty thousand dollars is totally lame. So I'm going to try to get the playground peoples in a bidding war with each other and see if we can get some sweet molded-plastic-and-powder-coated-steel action going on up there.

I think I'm going to make a necklace of all the teeth my kids lose/have lost. Plus my own wisdom teeth, because they'll add a little heft. I'm not sure how to do it, though. Should I drill a hole through the center and string them like pearls? That sounds the best, but I worry that some of the teeth are so small that they might crack if we try to drill them. Maybe this sounds a little morbid to you. Maybe you're boring.


Amy said...

The other day, I was hiking with a new neighbor friend when I discovered she is all organic and healthy about her diet. She said, "I wish I could find a place around here to buy goat's milk." And, I said, "I have a friend who milks her own goats!" And, then we both stood there feeling a little bit amazed.

Then, I said, "And, she makes her own cheese, and cooks like a master chef, and raises chickens and has four kids too!" So, we stood there paying you a silent homage for your awesomeness.

Then, I log onto your blog tonight (entertaining as always) and see that you are heading up the park committee! And, you were teaching piano lessons (let's not forget rescuing cats and home remodeling) too. Could you stop making the rest of us look bad?

Matt and Emily said...

On cousin Marie's blog go down to the picture of the half buried tractor-

That would be totally awesome in your park.

kacy faulconer said...

You are literally Leslie Knope! But you don't watch TV, do you. Dang. So many funnies.

Layne said...

It's true, I am Leslie Knope! But for free. Not as cool.