Tuesday, September 7, 2010

we're not going to open all the bubbles right now

Today we went to Tri-City Nursery, which is part-owned by a couple in our ward. In my mom's words, it is as big as the whole world. I don't know how they could possibly keep track of everything, but somehow they do. Brother Lawson (that's his name in Mormonese) drove us all around in the mule and we picked out two Bur Oaks and an Accolade Elm. We may turn our ankles on the acorns.

A few weeks ago John and I walked around Utah State's campus to share the memories we never made with each other, since we didn't date until he started MBA school at BYU and I moved to Provo to work for Waterford. We got some Aggie ice cream, renewed our True Aggiehood, discussed the many potential complications and embarrassments that could have occurred the night my roommates and I rode the bull in our bras and panties, and had an altogether lovely evening until we started walking down the huge big sidewalk that goes in front of the Ag Science building and discovered that all of the gorgeous, stately Horse-chestnut trees have been chopped down and replaced with I think (it was dark) ash trees. Ash trees! I ask you! Those pukes. I am so mad at them.

I wish that cats pooped iron, because then maybe our Autumn Blaze maple wouldn't be getting chlorosis already.

Do you think that people are going to start getting sick of fondant pretty soon? I hope so.

That is all.


highdeekay said...

The chestnut trees were ill. It was a case of euthanasia. An old beau of mine did the chopping. He's a pro and drives around with a "Trees are the answer" bumper sticker so you know he would only kill trees in a true mercy-killing scenario. I don't think he chose the pukes tho'.

Layne said...

Heidi, that is good to know. I was considering stopping my annual donation of $25 to the school. Because I speak softly and carry a big stick!

All8 said...

I despise fondant.

tipsybaker said...

I love fondant.

Amy said...

I love that new picture of your place.

Dory said...

I hate fondant. It looks pretty but lacks taste and texture. It's so misleading.