Monday, September 13, 2010

you'll bring honor to us all

Remember Hazel, the goat we're buying this fall? Her family is out of town this week at a show, and Hazel and her herdmate Sage are staying home. So Mrs. Magic Neighbor (who is buying Sage) and I are taking care of milking them. We tried out my new Henry Milker, which is pretty much like a breast pump with a dial to show you how much pressure you've got. And it's got a different-shaped adapter on the end, since goats aren't shaped like humans, in case you didn't know. It works fairly well--either Hazel or Sage (we can't tell them apart) has teats that are just a tiny bit too small for the syringe, so I'll need to get a smaller one. I won't talk about it in front of her though, so I don't hurt her feelings. It's not her fault!

Okay, now to business. I was reading Lucky the other day, and their featured fashion luminary this month is Ellen Pompeo, whom I will begin to dismiss right . . . now. She says her eyes are her best feature, which is not true, because they are actually small and piggy. Not her fault, either, and I think it's great that she's so confident. But she's also wrong. She also makes a prim, righteous statement about how she's trying to stop buying leather (next to a picture of some $495 Stella McCartney synthetic leather shoes), which is, in my opinion, uninformed and reactionary. Replacing leather or fur with plastic is not your friend. Buying $500 plastic shoes is wasteful, extravagant, self-indulgent, and by its very nature environmentally unfriendly. Pfft. She is full of baloney.

We watched some of the 9/11 footage on the History Channel Saturday night, and it's just as horrible as ever. All those doomed people waving their shirts and coats out the windows, the jumpers, the firemen resolutely walking to their deaths, the sheer volume of destruction, the depth and breadth of evil. It's overwhelming.

Have a great day!