Thursday, October 28, 2010

from beneath you it devours

After reading this interview, specifically this sentence:

"My focus began to shift to figuring out how to make a pastry healthier for the kids while maintaining the flavor and structure that I was accustomed to."

how could I not buy this book? The one I wanted so long ago and still haven't gotten? Well, that's that. I'm buying it today. I'll call it groceries or something. Not Groceries, groceries. Groceries with an uppercase G looks like this:
I can see how it would be easy to get the two confused, though.

I think Skiver is dying. It's upsetting. He looks and feels like a hairy skeleton . . . sort of like newly grown antlers on a caribou, maybe. I think it's his kidneys.


tipsybaker said...

That is one beautiful cat.
You are going to love that book.

Claire said...

I feel so sad about Skiver. He looks so sad. I miss the fat, happy cat he used to be. I'm excited for you to buy that book. That way you can tell me if I should buy it after you try the recipes in there.