Friday, October 8, 2010

I told you getting pregnant at fifteen would pay off eventually

Here are a couple of food adventures we had recently.

When I was milking my neighbor's goats for a week I made some chevre that was, according to John, my best ever. Roasted garlic flavor. We couldn't eat it all and had to give it to the chickens when it got all furry. Hard cheese I'll wash off and carry on, but soft cheese . . . that's not as cool.
Also I got drunk with power one night and attempted a party-size omelet. It was a disaster.
My parents brought home some lobsters from Maine, and we had a 'strornry big lobster boil on Sunday. No pictures, sorry. It would just make you jealous, anyway, because you wish YOU could be eating some ocean floor scavengers of your own. Lobsters are sort of like the pigs of the sea, I guess, because they parteth the hoof, but they cheweth not the cud.

John and I watched the pilot of Raising Hope while we were packing last night and laughed ourselves silly. We had to stop it and backtrack to listen again during one part, and we've only ever done that with 30 Rock and maybe Community. I know none of you had the love for the Sarah Connor Chronicles that we did (thanks for getting it cancelled, jerks), but Cromartie/John Henry is superb as the father. Something Dillahunt . . . Garret. Thanks, Wikipedia!

Do you think the fact that I just googled "how long does it take a body to decompose" will count against me at my insanity hearing? Nah, I didn't think so. I just want to know, because I've made my kids promise not to embalm me.


Jenny said...

Whaaaa? Why not be embalmed? I think we've had this conversation before, but refresh my memory. That omelet looks disgusting.