Monday, October 18, 2010

it's laserbeak! run, windcharger!

Want to hear about our vacation? I will oblige. Technically this falls under the heading of "family outings" and belongs over on Sehr Laut, so I will be briefish. LIE!

First off: Florida, I am sorry, but you are not as magical as Oregon or California. I think that the TWELVE-hour drive to California and the FOURTEEN-hour drive to Oregon served the purpose of making us so very, very thankful to get out of the car that we could have ended up in Urinetown and still felt as though the sun shone only for us. Also a hellishly long drive with four children bonds you all together like infantrymen, and I seem to remember there being a lot more camaraderie and a lot less sniping and yelling and base ingratitude on our California and Oregon vacations.

But aside from that, our trip was wunderbar. Florida has such gorgeous, balmy water, and the beach had soft, compliant sand, and John only saw one shark as big as his arm. We went to Gatorland and saw monstrous alligators--even some white ones! Not albino, but leucistic, which is way more rare and gives them blue eyes. They're super fierce. We went to Islands of Adventure and experienced Wizarding Worldish things, which were fun and a little bit scary (dementors!), and we wanted to buy a Marauder's Map, but they cost fitty dollars! Gougers! We went to Typhoon Lagoon and went snorkeling in their big saltwater tank and I did not have a (very big) panic attack.

Pinga peed the plane going to and from, and also the rental van while I was in the Great Satan buying a car seat for her on the Sabbath Day (confluence of wrongnesses), since I had forgotten our own car seat. But she is in diapers! How is this accomplished? Three times? I don't know. All I know is the pee came burbling up out of the diaper and went everywhere. Upsetting.

We ate some she-crab soup that was pretty much life changing. I can't explain it to you.


Sarah said...

Hooray, I'm so glad you're back. Last Sunday I cracked up at the very thought of you in a Walmart on the Sabbath day. Which probably makes me the greater sinner...

Sorry about the ungrateful children and all the many pee-ings, but the snorkeling and the Potterland, and the alligators, and the ocean? Sounds like an overall vacation success! Welcome home.