Monday, October 18, 2010

welcome back, welcome back, welcome ba-a-ack

It's not a secret that I have a laundry problem. If you've ever been to my house you've seen the baskets full of clean, dry, unfolded laundry sitting on the table, or the buffet, or the couch. If you haven't seen them it means we were showing off for you and we hid the baskets in our bedroom or in the office. We call that shame hiding. When we are expecting guests we always set aside 5-10 minutes to shame hide before their arrival.

I think I've told you that I don't even bother with socks anymore. We just keep them in a basket always, and here's why: when John was in MBA school one of his professors would ask, "Is it Coke or toilet paper?" If you have a bunch of toilet paper, it's not going to change the rate at which you use it, but if you have a bunch of Coke, you're going to go through it much more rapidly, and use it all up. So it doesn't make sense to buy a big supply of Coke, no matter how on sale it is. At our house socks are Coke. If we keep them jumbled in a basket, the kids have to ferret around in the basket to find a matching pair, and it's a hassle, and they don't want to do it any more than they're forced to. But if I sort and pair all of the socks and put them in the kids' drawers, then they'll go through two or three pairs a day because they take their shoes and socks off every time I turn my back and string them all over the house and lose them and think, "No big, I'll just get another pair out of my drawer." That's bull plop.

And if you were curious, lace-up boots are totally a thing, just like I said they would be, and I saw the cutest pair in Cocoa that were black leather and grey canvas . . . not the right size, though.

Skiver is not dead, Rex and Groceries are furry and healthy, and the goats are in good temper. The chickens all seem to be alive as well, but there are so many of them it's hard to tell. Groceries especially is looking good--he has been laboring on his carriage during our absence, and he is a ponderous cat.


All8 said...

Glad you're back! Can't wait to hear all about it.

tipsybaker said...

Welcome back! I have missed your blog lots.

Matt and Emily said...

Hooray, glad your back. Hope you had lots of fun!