Friday, October 1, 2010

would a snoop dogg cameo rap make you extremely likely, somewhat likely, somewhat unlikely, or extremely unlikely to buy this single?

I was going to film the lancing of Traci's abscess yesterday for you guys, but I forgot. Sorry! But it's okay, because there wasn't even any pus, so it wouldn't have been very exciting. What the vet thinks happened is a bit of June grass worked its way down into her neck. He found a bunch of it way back in her cheeks, too. Poor Traci. She behaved very well, even though he was cutting into her throat and making her bleed all over the place. It took all three of us to restrain her, but considering the circumstances, I think that's understandable. And she didn't yell at all, not like some I could mention (Edna).

I feel bad for Katy Perry. I know she's just trying to be cool and popular and represent the zeitgeist and everything, but whenever I hear her music I just hear a girl who resents her parents and her churchy upbringing and is whacking clumsily away at all of it with a wooden sword. Her lyrics are so awkward and ugly . . . there's no seduction, no allure there. I mean, she gets it done anyway, because partial nudity and autotuned dancey beats make up for a lot. But you can see her counting. Like an amateur production of Swan Lake; the steps may be there and correct, but you can see the dancers going, "Move here two three, turn two three, leap two three, leap two three, leap two three." Every move is calculated, not organic and instinctual. I hate it when things feel focus grouped.

Except for my four little ponies of the apocalypse shirt, which still isn't here.

I'm eating Angelus peaches this week. A little nervous about it. But so far they haven't murdered my family to drive me insane. Maybe they have been cursed with a soul?


Claire said...

I totally agree with Katy Perry. I heard she sold her soul to the devil to get famous.

Claire said...

I mean about Katy Perry not with her.