Wednesday, November 24, 2010

get bent, ma'am

This. This was a terrific article. I was thinking "Testify!" and feeling a little bit indicted at the same time (visions of Smith's running through my head). I sometimes forget what a drag know-it-all missionaries are, so next time I'm up on the Rameumptom*, kindly tell me to cram it with walnuts. After all, the whole movement to eat normal food is mostly about it being better for everyone in every way, and only partly about making people feel stupid for not agreeing with you.

Also extremism is gross.

*A Rameumptom is a pulpity sort of thing in a church building where one person at a time stands to vocally thank God for making them so much better than everyone else. It's from a story in the Book of Mormon. Some other time we can discuss the irony.


Tori said...

That was a great article. I love it when someone writes something that expresses just what I wanted to say so I don't have to go to the effort.

I went to Yuppie Mart yesterday but I chickened out about asking about the lard when I didn't see it out on the shelves. I guess I didn't want forever to be known as Lard Girl. Maybe I'll call and ask, still dying to know.

Layne said...

Do you have any grocery stores that carry Hispanic ingredients? If so, they'd probably have lard, too.

Sarah said...

Great article. Moderation in everything, peoples!

tipsybaker said...

Loved that article. Thank-you.