Thursday, November 11, 2010

a long-simmering feud erupts

I hope John's parents don't read my blog. At least not today, because holy crow, have you seen this commercial?


Now, John and I have analyzed this incredibly offensive commercial, and here are our findings.

John's findings
1. This commercial is targeted at men, because men buy jewelry.
2. The woman puts her arms around the man, and the graphics show the necklace doing the same thing, to connect the pendant to the woman's behavior, leading to:
3. The entire commercial is for the five-second scene that starts 23 seconds in, where the woman (using her sex worker voice) sends a clear message of "Jewelry! You can touch my boobs now." And the men will think, "Must buy jewelry."

Layne's findings
1. That guy is a serial killer. No, really, did you listen to his voice? "In all the years we've been coming here heh heh heh . . . and I always will be heh heh heh . . ."
2. The grossly overwrought fear response to thunder and lightning is infantilizing, sexist, and has earned Kay Jewelers an eternal rabid enemy (me).
3. If anyone brought me that hideous piece of jewelry, even separated from its archaic misogynist trope of an ad, I would throw him out.
4. Any woman who would accept jewelry from this company is a traitor to the sisterhood.

Is my reaction breaking Newton's Third Law of Motion?


All8 said...

Man, the things you miss when you don't watch enough regular TV. Is it wrong that it made me laugh, like out loud? I like jewelry,but not because it makes me feel like I'm surrounded by my man's strength. (I mean, really?!)

I think that they are trying to work on a woman's need to feel secure and they're trying to get you to buy their product to illicit that feeling. Um, yeah, product FAIL.

Dory said...

The first time I saw this I thought it was a low-budget horror film or maybe soft porn. I wasn't sure how we were somehow not watching the Disney channel anymore.