Tuesday, November 9, 2010

of baby candy

Hey, so, I came across a blog post about Halloween, and one of the commenters was griping "if your child can't walk, they can't have any candy!" What the crap? What is wrong with her? Why is she so evil and bizarrely fixated on Trick-or-Treat protocol? Not me. If you come to my house properly costumed at any age, I will give you candy. That lady is a bummer and she needs to cram it with walnuts. My only Halloween rule is NO TRUNK OR TREAT. Trunk or treat is a lame idea for lamewads.

My aunt gave me her Paul McCartney concert shirt, which was way righteous of her. I wore it yesterday and EVERYONE WAS JEALOUS.

Do you want to know how the park is progressing? Well, good, I'll tell you. We have to conduct an anonymous income survey of the section of town that will benefit most from the park to see if we're poor enough to get a grant. Hope so! I've spent the last week preparing packets for the Boy Scouts, one packet for each of the routes, full of maps, envelopes, surveys, scripts, pencils, sharpeners, and highlighters (red for refusal, green for completed survey, yellow for not home). I am bribing the Boy Scouts with donuts to make them happy about traipsing around in the frigid November weather asking surly townsfolk intrusive questions. Civic involvement is a two-edged sword, my friends.


All8 said...

Good luck with your surveying. I love that kind of stuff. (not)