Monday, November 29, 2010

product may stay: misto oil sprayer

I'm getting pretty tired of cat poop. I'm also getting pretty tired of throwing away rugs. Also I guess I have to chop off my foot now.

But on to our topic for today. Do you sometimes feel guilty about all the cans of Pam you throw away? You do use Pam, right? Because the store brand is janky, and it's not even that much cheaper (this is why I am poor). I felt guilty. I tried to go without oil spray for a while, but you may have noticed that I am a lazy activist, and oil spray is really convenient. What to do? Luckily the internets are a boundless source of things to buy, and because every website has Terminator code written in, there are helpful suggestions geared to your interests. So Amazon recommended this to me, and darn if it isn't a totally awesome invention.

You fill the canister halfway with the oil of your choice (I'm using grapeseed right now), pressurize it by pumping the lid, and spray away. Every time I empty it I run warm water through it to keep it clog-free, and it's like new again. I've filled it three? four? times now, and it has already paid for itself. I will be completely honest with you and say that the spray that comes out is not as fine as from a Pam can, but it works all the same, and really, are we going to bellyache about slightly larger oil dots on the bottom of our cake pans? Why don't you just stab Mother Earth in the kidneys?

Buy it. It's useful, and for less than ten dollars (not including shipping) you can be kind to trees.


Tori said...

PLUS - you get to feel better about not eating the weird propellants in Pam. But you want to talk about wasteful? I bought one of those, never used it, and very well may have thrown it away! For shame. I just might buy another one for the husband for Xmas and pretend like the previous one never happened.

Your pie was excellent, by the way. Much better than normal pumpkin pie. I'm guessing all that heavy cream has something to do with it.

Layne said...

Not to mention the lard . . . you DID use lard, didn't you? I'm glad you tried the pie. Only the very most hidebound traditionalists refuse to recognize its superiority.

All8 said...

I need something like this and one of my biggest worries about something like this, is that it would get all junky clumpy and clogged. Now here you are solving my concerns. You should be a righteous living missionary or something....

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

Tori said...

I meant to say earlier, of course I used the lard! I even made husband call up every grocery store in the area in pursuit of non-hydrogenated fresh lard. Either there is no market for that product or I just figured out my newest business venture.

Whole Foods, by the way, was the only one out of three yuppie/natural food stores we called that offered to set aside some pork fat for us to render our own.