Tuesday, November 23, 2010

yeah, birds are happy--that's why they can fly

I know this lady who refuses to touch raw meat. She gets all fainting-couch about it, like she's going to vomit if she even talks about raw chicken. That seems pretty childish to me. I think a lot of phobias are that way. I have some of my own--e.g., sharks in pools--and I wonder if they only develop in privileged areas. I can't imagine there are a lot of people working 18-hour days who need smelling salts if they have to break down a chicken for dinner. Because who has time for that whiny baby nonsense? Grow a pair already!

This morning our magic neighbors came over to pick up their wether. He was a total freak and led us on a merry chase around the goat pen. But eyes in front will always outwit eyes on the side, and we eventually caught him.

The chickens have finally grown their feathers back, now that the rooster's reign of terror is over. He must have been a very vigorous lover, because they were still barebacked for months after John dispatched him.

A few minutes ago I set my oven mitt on fire. It was exciting. Just the end of it burned, though.

Do you want to see the lump of cat poop that one of our cats (not Skiver--he had already been banished for pooping in the dining room) left in the bathroom the day that we fed them canned salmon? Thought I'd never ask, didn't you? I made sure to have my feet in the picture so you could have a size comparison. John had just finished taking his shower, and he hunched right down, rubber glove on, all-purpose cleaning wipes in hand, nude save for the towel around his waist, and cleaned it up lickety-split. I laughed and laughed between cursing whichever cat it was (probably Rex, the attention whore). If it weren't indecent I would have taken a picture for you.


Melissa Cunningham said...

Funny you should post this. I was just interrupted, and I mean JUST now, from a well deserved nap by that malodorous smell. Found out that one of our kittens had gotten locked in my room when I shut the door and did her business in our bathroom. That didn't stop me from swatting her behind though. Damn cats.