Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I don't think mushrooms even have eyes

I know I should share more vegetable recipes with you, because I'm just contributing to The Fattening of America right now, but I owe it to you to share this recipe for Salt Lick Bars. I always feel weird capitalizing recipe names.

A week or so ago my friend and yours All8 mentioned that she was making these as a treat for her family, and they sounded so intriguing I googled them and came up with this recipe--the same one that All8 emailed me later that day, because she's awesome like that.

And behold, they are good. I had a little scare with the caramel layer (I blame sucanat), but it worked out and now they are coyly eyeing me from the counter, telling me that it's okay that I keep getting fatter, despite exercising and controlling my food intake.


All8 said...

Thank you! You would have done the same.

I'm considering a different shortbread for the crust because I can't leave anything well enough alone. Maybe the walnut one that I make to go with the lemon curd. Although I did see a similar recipe that used crush pretzels for the crust that might work nicely too. What do you think?

tipsybaker said...

I know these cookies! My daughter made them three weeks ago and they helped me get even fatter as well.
(She made them under their other name, Millionaire's Shortbread.)

Layne said...

All8--I was thinking of fussing with the shortbread, too. I think it's too crumbly and needs more butter.

Tipsy--I think Isabel might be an evil genius.

All8 said...

I had the exact same problem with the shortbread. Let me know what you come up with.

Matt and Emily said...

I'm so happy you shared. They were good.