Tuesday, January 25, 2011

didn't want no one to hold you what does that mean

Last night we were at Costco, Source of All Things Good, and while we were loading our hundreds of dollars of groceries into the car a woman and her 14ish daughter came running through the parking lot, racing each other to the car. The mom got to the car first, and the daughter shouted out, while laughing, "You stupid whore!"

Come again?

Then the dad came out and pounded on the window of the car and snarled, "Open the door!"

I don't know, it just seemed weird to me, like maybe I would really hate to be related to them. I wonder if people think the same thing about our family. Like, I wonder if they saw Grant in the dress we made him wear because he missed a shot at basketball on Saturday, or Emmett with his gooey barf bowl upended on his head to punish him for being sickly, or Ike with the sign we taped to his shirt that said "I'm a Stupid Baby," because he still gets b and d confused, or Willa with her head shaved bald because she was getting too vain, and maybe they thought mean things about our family too. It takes all kinds to make the world go 'round, I guess.

We talked to the tire center people about our exploded tire, and the guy said, "Well, even if you weren't over the life expectancy of the tire, you wouldn't have any warranty coverage anyway, because you haven't had your tires checked since August of 2009. He seemed unimpressed with our tire husbandry.

We got some ice cream at Farr's Fresh, which is like Mecca for children, and Grant and Ike made the most disgusting bowl of ice cream you ever did see, with root beer, unsweetened lime, cake batter, orange, pineapple, and strawberry ice creams topped with caramel, vanilla wafers, gummy bears, sour gummy worms, M&Ms, bubble gum, and Butterfinger. It looked like barf. The guy told us that Nielsen's frozen custard is actually made from Farr's custard mix, but the Nielsen's people have a handmade machine that freezes the custard harder and colder. I love knowledge! I want one of those machines.

Currently our dryer takes four and a half hours to dry a load of laundry. Does this seem excessive?


Amy said...

This one is a gem.

The only two places I know of for Pho are Kim Long in Layton and Saigon Cafe/Market in Sunset. The latter is very much a dive. Have you tried those? I hear they are both tasty, but, I actually haven't checked them out in awhile so I guess they could be closed.

My kids love Farr's Fresh too.

All8 said...

I was standing in line There was a mother and her 5-7 yr old son right in front of me. That kid took the Lord's name in vain, over and over and over. It just really took me by surprise and the fact that it didn't galvanize the mom into some sort of action spoke volumes. But who knows, perhaps he had Tourett's syndrome???

Although life has a great way of teaching us not to be judgmental of others and their choices.

Your post made me laugh today. Talked with Ambrose about your pasture and he said, yes reseed. If there's any way else we can help, just let me know.

Jenny said...

I hate my dryer too. It sucks and I think we are wasting tons of money on it because I am drying all. the. time.

tipsybaker said...

Whore is really bad. WHORE?

Jill said...

So I didn't know anyone witnessed me and Casie's fun little race to our car at Costco! That stupid little lady of the night almost beat me, but I showed her.

What I really got on here to say is that when my dryer got to acting up, we found a bird nest in our vent...along with lots of lint. Once we cleaned it all out, our dryer was like new. Are you impressed with my laundry husbandry?

amy greenway said...

I used to think that a couple of hours of drying was normal, until my dryer died and we had to buy a new one. It takes 32 minutes. Absurd but true. It's almost debilitating because I know when I put a load in the dryer I'll have to find myself folding (HATE!) it in 32 minutes instead of sometime in the distant future.

Back to the tile question. We've tiled far too much for my taste and while we would never use liquid nails for the tile, we have broken the rules and used it for the hardibacker with no ill effects. It's easier and you put something like 54 screws in each piece anyway. I'm no pro, but now you know, it has been done.

Sarah said...

Agreed with Jill. Our fancy pants dryer was taking forever to dry and we discovered some half-sheets of paper (surprisingly still whole) and clogged junk in the air/vent/supply/thingy. It's swell now.

I know a kid who frequently calls people "dirty whore" or "dirty tramp" in jest. It's not appropriate, but seems to be the updated version of calling your friend (and/or mom?) "butt head." It's classy.

Finally, you are hilarious. Thanks for the laugh today.