Friday, January 7, 2011

they're always throwin' goodness at you, but with a little bit of luck a man can duck

Well, I'm remodeling the bathroom now. I like to have projects to do in January, because it gives me something to look forward to after Christmas. Otherwise I'd get so bored in this interminable winter that you'd find me rocking back and forth in the corner, mumbling Latin plant names and eating my hair. WHY DO JANUARY AND FEBRUARY EXIST?

I was going to do a pressed tin ceiling, but I realized that I'd have to put up a wooden substrate to nail the tin panels to, and that's a can of worms I want no part of. So I'll just scrape and paint the ceiling--I wonder if I could put tin paneling on the walls? Anyway, the wallpaper is all off, and now I'm ripping out the vinyl and subfloor, which is on top of the same beautiful quarter-sawn oak that's everywhere else in the house, and no tarpaper this time! We'll have to take out the toilet, and then get five or six strapping men to heft the tub out of the way so we can get the subfloor out from under it. My neighbor says the best way to get an old cast-iron tub out of a bathroom is with a sledgehammer, but those of you who have seen my tub (blue swan decoration notwithstanding) will understand why that's not an option for me. Not when I've already bought the paint to refinish it!

So we arrive at the problem. There's that gorgeous wood floor just waiting to be uncovered, but it's in the bathroom, which seems . . . a little icky, quite frankly. It just seems like it might act like a sponge for all the leakage and splashing, and we're bound to have a mess on our hands, aren't we? So I think I'll put in glass mosaic tile. It looks like candy, which is always a good choice.


Melissa Cunningham said...

I would love a claw tub. Alas, the local plumber 'can't' find one. Right.

Sounds like fun though. At least you'll have something to scream about besides snow!

tipsybaker said...

I once went to Armistead Maupin's house and he had these incredible walls that were lined with this:

You could probably find a way to use that to simulate a tin ceiling, though that option doesn't immediately jump out when I checked the site.

As for wood floors in bathroom -- keep them! I know the problem of which you speak and worried about it, but it's been fine.

highdeekay said...

would liquid nails work to put your tiles on the ceiling? my brothers are all about liquid nails it is like the windex of building. just a thought.

Jenny said...

Wood- bad. Tile- good. I have to disagree with tipsy- I would think that the water would warp your wood. We've just had a lot of problems in our bathroom with wood trim and such because the bathroom isn't well ventilated and always has steam and condensation everywhere.

tipsybaker said...

Jenny -- you are right. We only have wood in our "powder room" where it is perfectly fine, though I worried about it anyway. I was not thinking about bath tub issues. I would not put wood around a tub.