Monday, January 24, 2011

though tonight she's made me sad I still love her

I just do not get the Chilewich hype. I put placemats next to napkin rings and can't understand why someone would spend money on them. Chargers are there, too. They do not make a table look nicer, only crowded and busy. I think the busy-ness should come from food and people, not dishes and accessories. I'm sorry, that's just the way I was raised.

I checked out a book about dairy goats from the library to see if it talks about good plants for hay. I had an idea, and probably somebody with more farming experience than me can set me straight, but here it is: I think I'll go out and spread some seed of various different grains on the alfalfa field before the next snowfall, and then in the spring they'll sprout and add a little variety to the hay, and hopefully make for a better-balanced diet for the goats. The alfalfa hasn't been replanted for about twenty-five years, so it's getting really sparse in places, and leaving room for more and more June grass to grow (and go to seed and get stuck in Traci's neck and cause cool goiters). And as long as I use plants from different species to overseed, we shouldn't have problems with autotoxicity, correct? Hopefully All8's husband Ambrose will weigh in here.

I am now in the process of having a third set of tile samples sent to me, since the source I was going to use wants to charge ninety dollars to ship the tile to me. Not sure why this is, since the other company I looked at only charges ten dollars for anywhere in the continental U.S. Probably they are just evil. And liquid nails, say my sources, is not an appropriate adhesive for the glass tile.

Yesterday was a watershed moment at dinner. We were all sitting there, eating our chevon, because we are fancy, and my kids said, "This is like Thanksgiving dinner! It's like Grandma's house, because whenever lots of people come over for dinner she cooks a big meal that's basically like Thanksgiving, and it's sooo delicious!" Every one of them liked everything on the table, and then we had molten chocolate cakes for dessert, and they were actually grateful for all of it. It was amazing. And I did it all without a theme! Yesterday the Relief Society president came in to Young Women to tell us about a lady who came and did a workshop--something about dinner? saving money on groceries? I don't know. Anyway, there are special calendars and grocery lists, and every night of the week has a theme; Monday is Mexican food, Tuesday is chicken, Wednesday is Italian, and so on. Supposedly if you plan two weeks of meals and shop for them all at once then you'll save 40 something, either percent or dollars (was tuning out a little bit), on your grocery bill. I'm sure that's true, and I do need to do a better job of meal planning, but that whole King-of-the-Hill-Tuesdays-are-Pork-Chops thing would CRUSH MY SOUL. I write down what we eat for dinner every night on my calendar, and then I can refer back to it if I'm feeling uninspired some night when it's already 4:00 and I haven't decided on a meal yet. Because you know how John gets if he comes home and isn't greeted by a newspaper, a pipe, and the smell of dinner cooking! UNRULY.

You know that's a lie, right? He just leaves and doesn't come home until the next day to punish me for shirking.


highdeekay said...

I was having that very thought today. The one about how it is so much cheaper to plan ahead and buy in advance but then I thought, "ya, but where is the fun and I bet you lose nutrition because to buy 2 weeks out you can't be buying anything fresh." So, basically I used snobbery to justify my lack of planning. Thanks for backing me up on that. :) Sorry about the tiles.

oh, and you will tell us when Music Man tickets go on sale, right?

Tori said...

I know someone who plans her meals two months at a time. Barf. I require much more freedom than that, and it is a privilege I am willing to pay for.

Ambrose said...

25 years -- Oh my! I don't know Utah soils, but here I know 5-7 is typical for needing a replant. Usually you don't go back in with alfalfa either. I think that other grasses, fobs, legumes are a great idea. Would you like specific recommendations? I can go over different mixes and their consequences if you want. It would be easier over the phone. If you need our contact info, email Lorinda and she can get it to you and set the time. I love doing this kind of work. Thank you for remembering me.