Wednesday, January 5, 2011

the way I feel about you baby can't explain it

Have you ever noticed that animals do a terrible job of holding still for pictures? I don't know how the lolcats people do it, because my cats refuse to cooperate. Just now I wanted to take a picture of Groceries, because he was looking especially soft, and right at the wrong moment he wandered off, like he was some autonomous being with things of his own to do!

There is a family of ten to twenty deer living behind our haystack. 'Scuse me, I meant a family of rats with horns. They've rubbed most of the bark off of our honeylocust, which is already a pale little weakling. I figured that the hay would be a good trade for my trees, but it seems that they're not content with either/or, no, the greedy monsters have to take it all and leave me with nothing! I'm going to get an attack lion.

Yesterday our left rear tire exploded while I was driving to pick up Superman from school. It was thrilling and added much excitement to my day. I left it in the parking lot of the Buddhist church, where they used to have a bazaar once a year that my parents would attend and bring home sushi and those disappointing dome-shaped dumplings.

I have a new app called My Fitness Pal, which I am enjoying. I hear thin is the new pretty.

Think it's time to take down the Christmas tree yet? Probably so, if only so I can start remodeling the bathroom--as my brother-in-law Nate would say, you have to have your punishment before you have your reward--he was talking about vegetables before dessert. But he also says that he eats his reward first, because that's what's best for him.


Sarah said...

Sorry about your tire - that would have left me ornery and completely useless for the remainder of the day.

About your deer problem: Get a paintball gun. That's what my parents did, and they love it. Plus, I'm sure nothing could possibly go wrong with three young boys and a paintball gun.