Wednesday, January 12, 2011

you are so dumb you are really dumb for real

I realize now that I have been way overthinking stir-fry. We had dinner with some friends last Friday, something we have been trying to do for oh, probably a year now, so I could taste this stir-fry that Brian makes. And it is terrific! I feel like such a tool for messing around with all those silly, gloppy sauces. Oh, if I could turn back time. If I could find a way.

Boy, this Tiger Mother stuff is a sack of bobcats, is it not? I'm quite enjoying the conversation it has sparked. I'll tell you what, my kids are going to spend a lot more time practicing their instruments from now on. But I think that the wishy-washy American parents she's talking about are not the ones I've met. From what I've seen there are Those Parents everywhere, the ones who are putting their children on a waiting list for just the right Montessori (or similar) preschool before they're even born, so they can spend those formative years from three to five eating only The Very Best Paste. Eh, no matter what we do, our kids are going to grow up to denounce us for the abundance/lack of love, the abundance/lack of discipline, the abundance/lack of high expectations, the abundance/lack of privileges, the abundance/lack of culturally enriching experiences, the abundance/lack of junk food, the abundance/lack of home cooking . . . I could go on ad nauseam. They're going to be smarter and better parents than we are, just like we're smarter and better than our parents. We're all such geniuses.

And now I'm off to the shower. The DOWNSTAIRS shower, which is a better shower in every respect except its location.

I feel hostile.


Sarah said...

Really enjoyed that article. Thanks for sharing. I'm practically like a tiger mother, 'cause I make me 5 year-old do homework at least 3 days out of 7, and "practice" the piano for 10 minutes once a week. She's probably going to excel in everything...

Good luck with the tile, stripes, bathroom construction.

Amy said...

Yay for having an awesome downstairs shower! Let us know if you want Brian to come over and lecture you about tile.

Oh, and yay for stir fry night finally coming to fruition. I think I was way over thinking having you guys over. Now that all of the shame hiding is out in the open, you guys should come over all the time.