Monday, February 21, 2011

the public don't dwell on my transmission

You guys. It was the scariest thing. I almost got a virus over the weekend, and it was all because I was looking for a picture of a dog. SCARY INTERNETS! I pride myself on my internet scruples, and this has never happened before, so I was plenty ticked. John was afraid that the virus was only going to come out with prayer and fasting, but after careful examination it looks like we got the internet shut down and the computer turned off before it embedded itself and started propagating. So maybe I still haven't broken my virus-free record? I compare it to the time I was at the dentist a few years ago and he found a couple of little pits in the back of my incisors--my very first cavities. I was horrified and ashamed and on the verge of weeping, but he said even though he was going to fill them, there was no decay in them and I could still claim the honor of having no cavities, according to the dental-specific definition.

Today is KRAZY DAZE at R&R Hardware and Smithfield Implement. It's kind of a big deal. I look forward to it all year. We bought two butane burners and some butane canisters for to do tabletop aebleskivers. We learned the trick from our magic neighbors--did I ever tell you about that? It was tremendous fun and it's nice for everybody, including the cook, to get hot aebleskivers right off the pan, with happy little fillings like sausage and cheese or dipped in butter and cinnamon sugar.

But here is the biggest news: OUR TILE IS KIND OF DONE. As in, ABG (all but grout in industry lingo). Our next-door neighbor who is a tile sensei insisted on doing it for us, and we were like, gosh, twist our arms why don't you. It took him about two and a half hours to do something that John and I would still be sweating and cursing about on Judgment Day. There was some weird glue that used to hold the tub to the pedestal, and last night I got a hammer and a razor scraper and pounded it all off. It smelled really bad, like moldy taxidermy foam, which doesn't bode well for me having to put it all back on with my nose in heaven because maybe I was breaking the Sabbath. Not sure. But John was healing my computer, and I was just being industrious, because you know me and how I love working.


Sarah said...

Hooray for no virus and nearly done tile and tabletop aebleskivers! We are available whenever you need to use your two butane burners :)

Jenny said...

Please post pictures of your tile when it's done! I'm excited to see it!