Thursday, February 10, 2011

some tedious and possibly incorrect ruminations

The book series I just finished tries repeatedly to make the point that Americans fight for the freedoms of others.

I've tried not to let my unflattering opinion of the writing color my opinion of the sentiments expressed in the book.

I think that statement is often true. I think that many (most?) of the people serving in our armed forces are doing it for selfless, honorable reasons. But the cynic in me feels that the higher up the ranks you go, the more people you're going to find who aren't honorable, who are power-hungry and amoral, and who will use crises and disasters to further their ends, which have nothing at all to do with "bringing democracy to the world."

Along these same lines, if the citizens of a country choose a particular form of government, don't we, if we profess a belief in freedom, have to support their right to do so, even if the government is oppressive and/or unfriendly to the U.S.? I don't think democracy can be implemented from the top down. But then you get into the sticky wicket of how to give people the tools they need to make an informed decision about how they want to be governed. And sometimes people will make the informed decision to be governed by a douchebag. Such is life.

I don't know how anyone makes a decision in this world without being hamstrung by uncertainty about the chaos effect of the decision. Because I say all this about how the U.S. shouldn't involve itself in the affairs of sovereign nations, but then I think about what life is like for a typical woman in Afghanistan, for example, and I start reconsidering.


tipsybaker said...

Well put. Good post.
What is this series you are reading? Left Behind?