Friday, March 25, 2011

friend only to the undertaker

I want to talk to you about the biodiesel plant that is almost certainly going to be built just west of my house. As in, about 600 feet west.

I am cautiously in favor of biodiesel, at least this version of biodiesel--it's supposed to be less explodey, it's not a fossil fuel, and it doesn't steal from the food supply to create fuel, which . . . why would people do that in the first place? Stupid. Anyway, it's not the process or the landowner I have a problem with. But being the high-maintenance fussbudget that I am, I kind of super really don't want a factory behind my house, and we are going to the mat.

Here is where I would like to make disparaging remarks about exactly what kind of people would be in favor of putting an industrial park in my backyard, by calling them ignorant hillbillies or somesuch, but that would be unkind. Almost as unkind as loudly supporting a biodiesel plant in a residential area! I do not think that a handful of low-skill, low-wage jobs and a little bit of property tax are a good reason to lower property values and erase the homey, provincial nature of our community. But John and I fundamentally disagree with the master plan of the community, which wants to encourage business development. We like our town the way it is, and think that it's okay if we have to drive fifteen whole minutes to the nearest strip mall. Iconoclasts!

So it's to be war.


All8 said...

That stinks. Here, we have no choice but to use ethanol "enhanced" gas. (Another Corn product and subsidized program of our great government.) My car shudders every time we fill up. No, really.

If the industrial development does go through, I'd try to make sure that your property was part of the purchase. They must pay total replacement cost though. Then move here.