Wednesday, March 23, 2011

me and my friend saw a platypus

Yesterday John and I went out to lunch at Christopher's Prime Steakhouse and Grill. We brought Ike and Willa because we are crazy. They did pretty well, considering. Here's my review:
1. lobster corn dog (a tempura lobster tail on a skewer): fantastic, perfectly tender
2. hot rolls with balsamic butter: crusty and delicious
3. house salad: unremarkable
4. clam chowder: fine, not great
5. grilled halibut: breaded and fried (?), first one was astonishingly dry, second one was perfect, but still breaded and fried
6. BBQ bacon cheeseburger: the best hamburger I've had not cooked by my brother-in-law Matthew
7. tenderloin sandwich: extremely tender, juicy pieces of steak, overpowered by a hair too much spice
8. carrot cake: fine, but not nearly as good as mine or Ricardo's

It's a fairly expensive restaurant--not quite in the neighborhood of Fleming's, but darn close. The food was good, but not impressive in any way, and I've had better at quite a few places. Fleming's, however, stands out as two of the best meals I've ever eaten. Their carpaccio is indescribable. I do not regret a single dollar we (and Matthew and Emily) spent at Fleming's, whereas I left Christopher's feeling irritated that they put themselves in a league where they're quite frankly outclassed. At that price point I'd far rather go to Zucca, which is remarkable, or Bistro 258, which exhausted my store of complimentary adjectives. My point is, there's so much food out there that's so much better, why would you spend your time and money on an inferior product?

For storytime last night Ike wanted "Rikki Tikki Tavi," but I refused to read the abridged version we have in a children's storybook because it's so stupid. I looked it up online and read the real one instead, and Ike bucked and fought quite a bit because it didn't have pictures, but a few paragraphs in all three boys were listening raptly. I think I better buy The Jungle Book, and I'd really love a recording of Sterling Holloway reading Just So Stories. I love the way he says "that is the way all bi-coloured python rock snakes always talk."

Last night I had a dream that I saw my high school History teacher at an event and told him I had a crush on him. In my defense, his dream self has lost a lot of weight and has a gorgeous mane of feathered silver hair. However, his dream self also has a weak, moist handshake, so I don't think it's going to work out.

The other day we were listening to "The World is Not Enough," and Grant said, "This reminds me of The Incredibles." SO PROUD YOU HAVE NO IDEA.


All8 said...

Abridged versions drive me batty too! (As do all of the excuses to allow such travesties.)