Friday, March 18, 2011

product may not stay: bountiful baskets

Shall I tell you about my new blood feud? Okay, I'll do it.

I am a boycotty sort of person, and I enjoy getting disproportionately upset about stores, laws, TV commercials, billboards, use of the word "allergy" when I feel that "response to a physically introduced irritant" is more appropriate . . . you see how it is. I currently boycott or have rage-induced seizures about (some of these you already know):
1. Walmart
2. Kay Jewelers
3. stores with novelty spelling (such as Kar Kwik)
4. the city of Provo
5. Logan city's Summerfest
6. Katy Perry/Kesha/all other inauthentic train wrecks
7. almond extract
8. the majestic plural

I'll stop there, but you get my point.

Last year I tried the Bountiful Baskets service and enjoyed it immensely. I got a warm fuzzy feeling from volunteering, I tried new fruits and vegetables, and it was a good time. I put up with their turdish website, because I understand that the service is run by volunteers. But then one week they double ordered a basket for me and never refunded my money, then my strawberries were rotten and they promised another refund that never materialized, then my shopping cart kept showing a basket I hadn't ordered which they wouldn't let me delete, and then the ordering website kept refusing me access to my account. I have emailed them no less than five separate times about the various problems, and have never received a response of any kind.

This is unacceptable behavior for a legitimate business, even one run by volunteers. They are in hock to me somewhere in the neighborhood of fifty dollars, which is unprofessional. So I will no longer use their service, and will instead actively seek to destroy them by telling everyone I know about my terrible experience.

I'm just one person, but I like to think that even one person can make a difference.


highdeekay said...

Hmmm, haven't tried it yet (although I have an account).

Eden said yesterday (completely out of the blue) "mom, I love our Summer Festival!" So, why are you in a blood feud with it? I mean, I know those who organize it don't always make the choice I would make but I think overall it is a nice event.

So, you are saying that every Kiss does not begin with Kay?

Who is Katy Perry? or Kesha? I'm clearly out of it.

I love your blood feuds. (as long as I'm not in the line of fire)

Jill said...

I am sure you meant to say Ke$ha. That's the correct spelling. Blah...I would like to hear the back stories on your fueds as well. :-)

All8 said...

Yes, completely unprofessional. If you have a business license, you must act like a business or lose market share to those that do, volunteer or not.

(Sitting raptly, waiting to hear the other back stories...)

p.s., my word verification is 'later'. lol

tipsybaker said...

I hope my love of almond extract counterbalances your dislike.

What is wrong with Provo?

Sarah R. said...

I want to hear the back story on your beef with almond extract. Is there a post in your archives on the topic? While I'm here, I will say that your blog is one of the first seven I go to after breaking my "no more internet for a couple of weeks" fast.I can always count on you for a chuckle.