Friday, April 8, 2011

half of what I say is meaningless

I am just so filled with happiness that I can't contain myself.

The goat babies are thriving and getting cuter all the time, and they're black, which I have always wanted! Finola was a terrific mother, but her percentage of successful deliveries was lacking. She was always throwing dead kids, and it always seemed to be the black ones that didn't make it. Oh, I remember that morning when my uncle Kenny and I both had our hands up there trying to figure out what was going on, and we still didn't find the baby, and then when she finally delivered it it was all yucky and starting to decay. Good times.

Hazel is a great mom--not as oppressively nurturing as Finola, but not at all inattentive. For example, she doesn't lick her babies' bottoms until they're raw and sore. She has warmed right up to me as I've been spending part of every day out there. Maybe she has forgiven me for buying her from Kathy. She seems like Finola 2.0, the version without severe emotional and reproductive problems. Her udder is beautiful, soft and pliable, and feels like one of those Gertie balls you get from frou frou toy stores. I am interested to find out what her milk tastes like when she's not being housed next to the buck.

Last night we had our Bee Summit 2011, and we'll be building the hives on Saturday. Once again I need to tell you how fortunate I am to live by all these wonderful kookoopantses. John and I bring very little to the table other than gameness, but I did make them banana ice cream and hot fudge sauce, so perhaps that will help make up for our deficiencies.

I bought a chicken coop this morning, sort of. I've got to get those chickens out of our shed so I can use it as a milking parlor. They are entirely too selfish and messy.

I think we've got the babies named, but I'm waiting to see if I have to put Kathy's herd name before mine, in which case I won't have room for the names I want. We're trying for Lovely Rita (Ree-Tuh, not Reeduh), Long Tall Sally, and Julia.

Aggie can go outside and poop by herself now, and that is a HUGE RELIEF for both of us. I think she feels a little bit violated when we're standing on the other end of the leash, and it gives her performance anxiety.


Amy said...

Again I visit your blog to be all amazed by your animal husbandry talents. Nice babies! And, your bathroom looks great too!!! Don't worry about your basement. In about 10 years your whole house will be lovely (at least, that's what I keep telling myself to get through this inevitably messy time of life). C'est la vie!

Matt and Emily said...

I need to come see your baby goats sometime.