Monday, April 4, 2011

I just want this horse to have a good home or be food

I made the lemon yogurt I wanted, and it's pretty tasty, which may be due to the lemon pie filling at the bottom of the cup. Who can say?

I took Aggie for a potty break in John's parents' neighborhood on Saturday night, and while I was running home through the sleet I noticed the poop bag in my hand was suddenly much lighter, so I had to retrace my steps down the street in the pitch black until I found the clump of poop that had gone flying out of the bag. Then I scraped it off the road.

When we were leaving for Logan on Saturday we saw a white poodle relieving himself in our front yard, and another dog wandering down the sidewalk wearing a red diaper.

Last night we finished All Creatures Great and Small with Grant and Emmett. I think we'll do The Giver next.

There is a silly article about laundry in this month's Better Homes and Gardens that purports to be showing you time-saving tips, but is really just about adding even more items to your to-do list, such as decanting your laundry soap from those hideous cardboard boxes into big glass jars, and putting your dryer sheets into a ceramic tray where they can be pretty and scent the air at the same time! Marvelous. I'll just keep my soap and dryer sheets in their stupid boxes in the cabinet with all of the other proles, thanks.


Claire said...

Ha ha! I read that article, too. I was like, "this seems like more work, not less." Besides, the only person who sees the laundry room is me. Those dummies. But, I did like the article about the cute little garden that Jamie Oliver designed. If only I had an 8 x 12 space to plant...