Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I would hate my disappointment to show

This morning was the first time since I started milking Hazel that our children had to drink the milk plain--they chose to drink a cup of it, rather than eat it on their cereal, which would have masked the dreaded (and very minimal) goat taste, so I am confused. Grant was wonderful and drank it down without fanfare. Emmett balked a little, but eventually drank all of his. Ike got teary-eyed and kept dry-heaving after drinking a mouthful of it, and what little he drank was only because I threatened him with physical harm--well, more embarrassment than harm, because I said I was going to pour it all over him. I attempted to appeal to their humanity by discussing with them the living conditions in a commercial dairy, and they sympathized, but not enough to change their behavior. I said that this is the only milk we will be drinking until winter, so they'd better get used to it. I told them that they could either drink it or stay home from their cousin Olivia's birthday party (where there will be professional face-painting and general awesomeness), and they know from past experience that I am not screwing around with this and if I make a threat I WILL DO IT, and Ike was willing to accept that as well. But the prospect of it being poured down his throat and all over his head was enough to get him to take a few drama-queeny swallows. Willa ate it on her cereal, but poured what was left in the bowl down the drain.

What a bunch of babies.

To be fair, the milk will taste better once I get some fresh bedding in the hutch, but it is nothing like the goat milk you get from the store. It just tastes slightly not-cowy, is all. Ridiculous. Unfortunately, I have four gallons of cow milk waiting for me at the hippie food store that are going to need to be used pronto. Yogurt and cheese, I guess. I wish I had an aging cave.

Today I'm going to finish assembling our beehive, and I think the bees are coming on Saturday.

We have decided to back off on dogs for a while, until we find one that won't run away if it's off leash. The dogs most suited for us, in exercise demands, non-roaminess, and compatibility with children and other animals, are, like, Mastiffs and Great Danes and Swissys. Neat. I'll just buy a renovated school bus to haul around my giant, human-sized dog. I love those dogs, and I have always wanted a Greater Swiss (by "always" I mean "since I first saw the Mortimers' enormous horse of a dog"), but they are muy caro, and will not fit in our car.


Amy said...

Kids are so funny! We just started giving Isaac almond milk instead of cows milk. Every time I would give him milk without him seeing me pour it, he'd happily drink it. But, if he saw me pour it, there were tears and protests about how much he HATED almond milk. The drama would continue until I would set the offending cup aside and covertly pour a new cup of (almond) milk which he would happily drink. Ai yai yai. He has finally reached acceptance. I hope you get there soon!

Tori said...

I'm considering not starting Marlo on cow's milk. I've been giving her a little bit of almond milk at meals - I figure maybe if she thinks that's what "normal" milk tastes like, that would be better? But then I hit up against the processed food thing. I don't know what to do. I need a goat.

Matt and Emily said...

Isaac chugged his bottle of goats milk tonight and seemed to quite enjoy it. I didn't even have to threaten pouring it all over him.