Friday, April 22, 2011

I'll often stop and think about them

Let me tell you about Aggie.

Two months ago I saw her on the Humane Society's website and fell in love. It took us about three minutes to know she was the right dog for us. She was not perfect. She bit us if we grabbed her feet without warning, she growled at first when we tried to get her out from under the bed, and she had a few accidents in the house. But she was quiet, and sweet, and calm. Plus she loved me the most, which is very gratifying, in a selfish way. I worked with her every day and she was doing really well, calming down about her feet, sitting and lying down on command, and coming when she was called. She loved cheese as her treat. She followed me everywhere, but she was starting to open up to the rest of the family too, and curled up behind the chair in the parlor while we had story time.

The Humane Society thinks from the information they have on her that she was a puppy mill mom, which is why she was so poorly socialized. That is a discussion for another day, but it does make me hope that the last four months of her life (two with her foster mom, two with us) helped to make up somewhat for the terrible abuse she had likely suffered.

Yesterday the kids got home from school, and she wanted to go outside with Emmett when he went out to do his chores. She's been great about staying on our property, with just a few excursions over to the neighbors'. She's never gone across the road until yesterday. But when she went out with Emmett she ran off and didn't come back in with him. I asked the kids to go call her, but she didn't come back, which was weird. We went out the front door and our neighbor across the street was on her way over and said that a woman driving by had just hit Aggie. What's sad is is that she was probably running down the sidewalk, and when the kids went out the back door and called her she turned to come home and ran right into the path of the car. She was dead by the time I got to her.

We lifted her into our wheelbarrow and took her home. We put her on the patio to keep her from getting rained on. There is a hole in the bottom of the wheelbarrow and her blood dripped onto the patio.

This morning I dug a hole for her. I have dug so many dead animal holes. We all said nice things about her, and decided to bury her collar and tags with her so she looked like a pet, instead of some wandering stray.

It's sad and upsetting, and I feel guilty about how she died, but I do think that the time she spent with us was happy. There was such a difference in her, even in the short time we had her. She was relaxed and happy, and loved to play outside with us. The most surprising thing about it was how much Emmett loved her. He was the one who was most opposed to having a dog--he was vehement about it. But he loved Aggie, and always wanted her to sit on his lap and lick his face. Even John felt like if there was a dog to have, she was it. Ugh, it's just frustrating. But we took care of her, we loved her, and we did our best. You know, other than the part where we got her killed.


Amy said...

So sorry to hear about Aggie! That sucks. You know it was a good life getting to live on a farm in your huge family with you and your kids. I hope your kids aren't taking it too hard.

Tori said...

I'm so sorry! I had very similar guilty feelings when my cat Rupert was hit by a car - I think he too was in the street because I had just tried to call him home. I bet you gave Aggie the best bit of life she had, for sure.

All8 said...

I'm so sorry. And yes, I think that the time that she spent with your family totally made up for many of the ugliness that her life had been before. Love does that.

Jill said...

That is so sad:-( She was lucky to have a few happy months with you guys.

Barbie said...

I'm so sorry about Aggie. Cars and dogs are a bad combination. I have been through that with some of my dogs before and know how hard it is on everyone (even the grave digger.)

kacy faulconer said...

Sorry. Sad.