Monday, April 18, 2011

sheep may safely graze

Stupid rain. It rains so much that I'm not even very thankful for it, and then when I really want some, say in July, it won't be anywhere to be found. That's a pretty selfish way to behave, rain.

I think vanilla pudding is great. I don't know how the instant mix ever got any traction, because it's not even the same thing. And it's not like Totino's pizzas, which are not pizza but are still good. I used to eat Totino's pizzas like crackers. Now I have to be all guarded about what I eat or kaboom. It's a real problem.

We disbudded Julia and Long Tall Sally tonight. I always have a panic attack about it, and feel like the six to eight seconds it takes to get a good copper ring around the horn are more like six to eight days, and I always think the copper ring is dark enough and I've done a good job, but usually I don't and they end up with scurs. But tonight I think I really did do a good job. I had a breakthrough last year when I disbudded my friend Barbie's goats (we're friends, Barbie, right?), and I can finally get kind of zen about the whole thing, and trust John to hold the baby's head still enough that nothing bad happens, like burning and death. You have to allow yourself to be vulnerable, and really believe in the other person, you know? You just have to take a chance.

You should see our former chicken pen/current milking shed. It is the coolest. So (comparatively) clean, so organized, with a light and a stool . . . I can't wait. I'm nerdy about milking, and the funny thing is that if I had been born fifty or eighty years ago and this kind of nonsense were required and expected of me, I would pitch a fit like you would not believe. Sure, I believe there's honor in hard labor and all that jazz, but boy, do I hate people thinking they're the boss of me. I don't know how I would ever reenter the traditional workforce, which is why I think I'll look into being a mercenary. Say what you want, at least you're the master of your own schedule. And I bet I could have a bunch of dogs.


kacy faulconer said...

I'm just assuming here that disbud is the same as deflower.

All8 said...

Hm, maybe that's why we're friends. If I choose it, I'm all gungho. You tell me to do it and I'll fight you tooth and nail. For me, it's a failing that I'm working on, kinda.

Barbie said...

Hi Layne,
Yeah, we're still friends! I thought you did a great job last year on my kids. How about now? Did the disbudding hold? By the way, only a friend would have come and done it for me! I can't wait until you try out your new milking spot. It sounds great.

Amy said...

1) HATE HATE HATE that biodiesel plant. This can not happen. 2) Are you sure your pineapple gadget isn't defective? Because I just bought one and love it. 3) Disbud = deflower comment = can't stop laughing (also, I totally bow down to your disbudding abilities) and 4) I love what you said about being rebellious if your goat milking duties were required. Did any of your kids inherit your "no one is the boss of me" attitude? That could be fun.