Monday, April 11, 2011

when the sun shines we'll shine together

Not too long ago I was coerced into using a kitchen tool called a pineapple corer/slicer or slicer/corer or some fool thing. Talk about a ridiculous and worthless invention. It's the best way I've seen so far to ruin a perfectly good pineapple, as it doesn't so much slice as smash the pineapple and get juice all over creation, and the plastic is so weak that as you push down to guide it through the pineapple it goes all skittywompus and takes out a big cylinder of good pineapple, leaving the core intact.

I'm still upset about it.

Tonight we're picking up our new chicken coop from a guy in American Fork who builds and sells them for a very reasonable price. Farming would be much cheaper if we didn't have to pay everybody else to do our work for us. But we're those gross people who have all kinds of strong opinions about How It Should Be Done, derived almost exclusively from books and the internet, and little to no practical experience. Is there anyone more annoying?

Regarding the biodiesel plant: Planning and Zoning was unable to vote at the last meeting, and they had to talk to a land use attorney, so they're meeting again on April 27th to give it the yes or no vote (hopefully no). But that's only a recommendation, and when the city council meets on May 11th they can still do whatever they like, and unfortunately the city council all seems to think it's just a really splendid idea to have the main thoroughfare into our city be an industrial park. And not just any industrial park, but one that permeates the air for a mile and a half in every direction with the stench of rancid oil. Can you blame, them, really? What a classy joint we'll be! Welcome to our fair city, visitors! We call it Stinktown.



highdeekay said...

Someone gave my mom that same contraption. Her experience (and that of the pineapple) resembled yours exactly. Blah. I good idea is nothing without proper execution and quality control. But I suppose QVC et al would go out of business if gadgets with no use didn't exist.

Hey, when do you want to upholster? I'm going to start easy with my glider (nothing attaches to the frame, it is all just cushions) and then move on to my chair. Let me know if you want in on either project.

All8 said...

Our experience with that corer was just as ineffective. Hoping that the plant stays out of town.