Tuesday, May 31, 2011

another head aches, another heart breaks

I have two pictures of birds in my bathroom, which makes little sense. I don't really like birds that much. I like seeing them outside, and I appreciate their contribution to the food web, but they're pretty boring. I would never choose one as a pet.

Here are the dogs I saw yesterday at Petsmart: black Lab; black and tan/retriever mix (guessing); Boston terrier; spaniel/pointer mix (guessing); Bouvier de Flandres; Shih Tzu. The Shih Tzu was the ugliest, the Bouvier was the coolest. The Lab was hyper, which surprises none of us. But he was very cute and did "behaviors" (not tricks--has Sea World taught you nothing?) for his owners to earn a tennis ball.

I dressed up this morning to meet with a loan officer. I wanted to make sure she knew I am Serious, and one can't convey seriousness in cutoffs and a ratty t-shirt.

Yesterday John and I observed Memorial Day by remembering Socrates. The way in which we remembered him consisted of us pulling hemlock out of our ditchbanks. Hemlock is a horrid weed and difficult to extract even in wet conditions. I wish it ill. Plus it is super tricky and looks like carrots. We also pulled out all the dyer's woad. If I were a better person I would use it to dye fleece that I had sheared and spun myself into yarn which I would use to knit precious little jumpers, but . . .


kacy faulconer said...

If you want another dog come and get Penny. I've fostered her for 3 months. She'll be at Petsmart in Orem tomorrow. She is good and not hyper and has no issues except for leash pulling.