Tuesday, May 3, 2011

he gets himself up on the one elbow, and he turns to his mates who are all gathered around

I don't want to speak ill of a stranger (a lie; I actually love it), but I put a hold on Bossypants at the library over two weeks ago, and it still hasn't been returned. I know it's a great book, which is why I want to read it, but I don't think it's probably heavy reading or anything. Meow! Meanwhile, I've got to finish The Emperor of All Maladies before the 9th, because someone has a hold on it. I'll be honest, it doesn't look likely. It's really long, and I'm only halfway through.

One reason I'm looking forward to the last installment of the Harry Potter movie franchise is because Emma Watson is finally a halfway decent actress. She is so excruciating to watch in the earlier movies. I can't remember when she got better--was it in five or six, or not until seven?

We were driving to Salt Lake the other day and saw a weird billboard that said Judgment Day is May 21st--the bible guarantees it. I don't believe that, of course. I have a reliable source who I'm pretty sure would give me a heads-up if that were the case. But still--what if it is? I am going to need some more diced tomatoes. We are running very low, because I keep making that tomato soup from Cook's Country. And I don't have enough garlic for the vampires--do you think garlic works on Krippen Virus? Because I would really like it to.

I think Hazel has effectively weaned her babies. She keeps kicking them off when they try to nurse, and I am forced to conclude that she likes me better because I sing to her and give her raisins, instead of pounding my head into her udder to get her milk to let down like some I could mention. More flies with honey, my friends.


Sarah said...

See, and I thought Emma Watson was less horrible than Daniel Radcliff in the first few films. Hmm...

May 21st doesn't give me near enough time. I'm gonna request a postponement on Judgement Day.

Congrats on having goat milk all to yourself. You are clearly Hazel's favorite.

Claire said...

The anticipation is killing me.
Also, when I added the baking soda to the soup, it kind of made it taste like cleaner. Any suggestions??