Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I think the best plan is just to not give the pig a pancake in the first place

I just ran into the coffee table leg and kicked off my toenail. I'm waiting for news from my brother-in-law/podiatrist to see if I get disability leave from work.

I had a dream last night that John and I were still in the college choir where we met, and the choir was going to go on tour to Europe, and John was not paying very much attention to me. When I asked him if I could sit by him on the plane he was kind of dodgy about it and kept flirting with other girls. It was annoying to me. It was annoying that I was being so forward and clingy, and annoying that he was shutting me down. I think the dream was a parable describing our life mess right now, with me wanting to move to the apple orchard down the street, and him thinking that we should just stay here.

I don't know what to do about Groceries and Rex. They are the stinkiest cats I have ever known--I blame the cat milk replacer formula. I think they didn't get their intestinal flora built up like they would have from their mother's milk. So if you're considering adopting an orphaned feral cat, think of me. Think of my cats who fill entire rooms with their miasmic fart clouds.

It irritates me when people don't spay and neuter their animals.


Jenny said...

Ew! Sorry about your toe, man! I was just looking over at your Twitter and noticed your Lambert comment. I love Lambert, and we always sing "Landon" in place of it! I think he hates it!

Mom M. said...

change of subject...Are you a rhubarb person? I have a source in Draper for FREE fresh, delicious long red stalks...shoot me an email if you want some

Lois Madsen (Mike B's mom)

All8 said...

Totally stinks about your toe. Makes mine hurt just thinking about it.

As for cat farts, when you find a cure let me know. I just figured that it was the cheapish cat food I was feeding them.

Melissa Cunningham said...

As far as the cats go, do what I did. Keep them OUT! Don't let the filthy little flea bags in the house.

Moving to an orchard? Fab idea! I would hate to be on that corner anyway.

As far as John goes, we all have dreams like that once on a while. I'd think you were weird if you didn't. I still think you're a little weird, but it's a good weird. =)