Monday, May 16, 2011

nopes, Rex, you can't sit on the furniture

Well, now that I've had a few days to cry my angry, bitter tears and think about this rationally, I guess I understand why people want to ruin my life. I guess twelve jobs in a community as desperate as ours has been described to me to be are worth making our city center an embarrassing eyesore, especially since the center of our town is already an eyesore, if not a health hazard.

Whatevs. Like I said, I can't communicate with people I don't respect.

Moving on. I'm looking at property elsewhere in the town, in a place that I think is fairly protected from the possibility of encroachment by industry. Because I actually really like living here, even though they have just stabbed me in the back. John's commute is bearable, we can have animals, we can grow a huge variety of fruits and vegetables, and we're close to our families. It would make me sick to my stomach to leave; not only because of the benefits I mentioned and the fact that I have a room full of very heavy food storage (ugh, all those buckets of wheat!), but because I love this house. I love the layout, I love the huge windows, I love that it smells like an old house, sort of earthy and cool, I love the moss on the brickwork. I've often said that if I could just have my house on a usable basement and further away from the road I'd never move. Unless they put a factory by my house, of course. So we're looking at a few options, like moving our house onto a different piece of land; selling our house, buying some land, and building a new one that looks exactly like this one; or moving somewhere else entirely. My least desired option is staying here, next to the industrial park. But we'll see what the future holds. So exciting, trying to escape poor city planning!

The thing I need to know is if the gnats come as far north as the piece of land I'm looking at.


highdeekay said...

buy some land in our development and join the growing VM commune. :) I bet we're still zoned for farm animals.

Jenny said...

Lehi is totally zoned for animals...look on down this way! We sure had fun with you guys this weekend and singing was awesome!- Jenny

Jill said...

Come and buy our house. It deserves a family who will enjoy the yard. :-)