Wednesday, May 11, 2011

quid sum miser tunc dicturus

I'm starting to come down off my rage high now and am about to dissolve into tears of frustration and disappointment. Read about it here.


Sarah said...

Ahh!! No, no, no! I had such high hopes. So sorry! I'll keep my eyes open for a real cute craftsman with huge tracks of land.

Jill said...

I am so sorry. I am glad you let your voice be heard and took a stand for something you believe in. I am proud of you and sorry it didn't turn out. :-(

All8 said...

That's terrible!

You need to have an Environmental Impact study done. In our democratic government there are 2 things that officials can't argue with, Safety and Environmental Impact. To do so would ensure their removal from office. What kind of insurance does this company have if it does burn or if there's a spill or some other environmental polluting happens? Will it replace everything bringing it back to how it was before the plant was there?

Also you need a firm to canvas your town asking questions like, Do you feel safe with a Bio-diesel plant next door after the one in Centerville burned down, taking the other businesses with it?

The citizens may need to band together and hire an attorney or a city developer. They know the law and whom to hire to get things done.

I'll just send you an email, what I (Ambrose) have to say would be too long for this venue.

Tori said...

You guys need to try and get an injunction. I would think it would be pretty easy to get one if you can find a lawyer with half a brain. If you can make it a huge enough pain in the ass to actually break ground and start building, they may move on. Don't give up.

Barbie said...

Sorry Layne. We've had some similar dealings with city councils in Hyde Park and have had our own miseries. I was hoping yours would turn out differently. Good job for doing research, organizing resistance, and standing up for what you believe. Maybe there is still more you can do like your other commenters say. Good luck.