Wednesday, June 29, 2011

once you're on the tiger's back he's going to take you places you never thought you'd go

Yesterday we went with our wonderful friends the McAllisters to the water park formerly known as Raging Waters. It's under new management by Seven Peaks, which means two things; 1. that it's on its way to being slightly cleaner, and 2. that they are going to kill you with the add-ons. We went to the Provo Seven Peaks last year, and by the time I had paid for parking, paid for tubes, and found out that if I wanted to use a "cabana," otherwise known as "the only shade in the park," I would need to pay another twenty--or was it thirty?--bucks, I was pretty much over the entire experience. Add to that the miasma emanating from the ancient mats around the wave pool that saturated the airspace of the entire park with the suffocating aroma of mildew and dirty feet, and you've got a place that I will gladly never visit again. I could have gotten past the extra charges, and my kids think that there might be a few more fun things to do in Provo, but I cannot abide the smell. It is inexcusable. Heads up, Seven Peaks: if you're going to charge like Disney, you'd better clean like Disney. So far the Salt Lake one does not smell. We shall see.

So it was a much better time had by all, although Jenny did get one and almost two of her towels stolen, which was a total bummer. People are weird and dishonest. In related news, I think I might start calling fake boobs "plastic boobs." I have a whole lecture re: the subliminal message and moral implications of plastic boobs that perhaps I will share with you once I get it distilled into articulate thoughts. You are eager, I am sure.

John thinks I'm crazy for wanting to live in a Quonset hut! But he says he's willing to listen to me and have me illustrate my vision. You guys, it would be so groovy. But I did read that they are wicked expensive to insulate because of their weird shape. I will brainstorm. Right now my preferred path forward is to keep this house and land, plus buy the apple orchard land down the street, and thus slowly proceed down my path toward total world domination.

I am reading "The Town that Food Saved" (link on the sidebar) right now, and it is so, so great. I had a little struggle getting into it, because his voice seemed a little bit manufactured at first, and I think I may have a fundamental disagreement with him on a couple of principles (I don't think EVERYONE should have to be a farmer, which it seems like he might be saying--I will reserve judgment until I finish), but it is engrossing and inspiring and full of the same kinds of questions I ask myself all the time, and I love it. The characters in it are so like the characters in my own life, the people I know and love and respect and from whom I have learned invaluable lessons. You must read this book.


Melissa Cunningham said...

Great post, girl. Laughed clear through it and I needed that. I guess changing the playlist to something happy would help too, but you are good medicine. =)

All8 said...

You mean she could make a Tonka truck jealous?

(Heaven forbid that they made Tonka trucks out of metal, it's all plastic, plastic, plastic. Watch out dump heap, give 'em a week and it'll be there.)