Monday, July 4, 2011

but he can't can-can like the sardine can

We went to a parade today in delightfully cool weather. BUT THERE WERE NO BANDS! What is happening to our country that there is an Independence Day parade which contains no stomping high-schoolers tootling Sousa? Disgraceful.

We made sure to keep all of our candy wrappers in our pockets until we got to a garbage can, because we are decent human beings. Such was not the case with the people across the street from us, who left a miniature ocean of wrappers in the gutter where they sat. On the way back to the car their group was walking in front of us, and they were just dropping things as they walked--candy wrappers, ice cream wrappers, empty water bottles. It was really something to see. We picked up after them, because as I told you, we are decent human beings. What kind of person just brazenly drops garbage wherever they are? Being a literate person, and a consumer of periodicals, I understand that there are people like this in the world, just as there are people who torture animals or children, or think that processing oil shale is a good way to produce energy, or earn a seven-figure salary running a non-profit homeless shelter. But it's always upsetting to witness such behavior first-hand.

Now I think I'll go invent something to celebrate America's birthday. I already invented Magic Shell, so that's a no-go. Maybe a sandwich that's on fire? Seems pretty patriotic.


All8 said...

I can't imagine a parade without a band. That's unAmerican.

Unfortunately, it's not too hard to picture litter bugs. Imagine them like cockroaches, somebody needs to call pest control.

Jill said...

Time to bring back the hot "Don't waste Utah" guy.

Matt and Emily said...

That is crazy there were no bands! Something else sad I heard about parades from my brother in Michigan is that themselves & a few others were the only ones that stood up for the flag as it passed. Sad, sad, sad.