Monday, July 11, 2011

his wings as drifted snow, his eyes as flame

We're having teff for breakfast. I'll tell you straight up: as a breakfast porridge, for my timid Western palate, teff is pretty sucky. It's too savory, and tastes weird when you try to sweeten it. So I'm going to try it in a grits-type application, with an egg on top. Whining projection: moderate to extreme. Right now it smells kind of like barf.

I bought some beets from the fruit stand last week. I think I might try to be really brave and make some kvass. I tried it a month or so ago, and was sure I'd hate it, because I hate beets so much, but it was actually kind of yummy. Much more easily acclimated to than straight beets. I've gotten to where sufficient amounts of butter and salt make beets kind of tasty, but that was years in the making. Being a grown up and a good example to my children is a lot of hard work.

Our first cutting of hay is essentially garbage, totally full of June grass. The goats won't have anything to do with it, understandably. After all, Traci did get a big old goiter from a piece of June grass working its way down her throat, so she is probably a little gun-shy. This situation is irritating to me, and I'm trying to figure out what crops to overseed with, and I'm scared to talk to an extension agent, because I'm afraid he'll just think I'm being weird to not plant it all in alfalfa. I like alfalfa fine, but shouldn't they be eating something else, too? I hope the internet has the answer.

It looked for a minute like maybe the biodiesel plant was dead in the water, but it has made a small, lurching step forward. I feel quite confident in saying that even the fact that the guy was totally incommunicado for almost two months will not give our city council any qualms. They are past the point where facts are going to affect them. I'm pretty sure that we're going to get a big metal building behind our house, then the guy is going to go bankrupt because his business plan is SHEER IDIOCY, and Honeyville will be left holding the bag. However: even with the biodiesel plant, I don't want to move. I like it here. I like the people, except for the crappy ones who are putting a biodiesel plant behind my house (I hate those guys), and I would be bereft without my collective of weirdos. Where else am I going to find people with such an eclectic collection of interests and abilities? Magic Wendy saved Rita's life, you guys.

Update: the teff was great. For me. The kids hated it because they are crazy, and because they are neophobes unless it's layered restaurant food. I put a sunny side egg on top of it, and it made it very much like grits, which I love. I just love porridgey things. I think that means I'm a peasant.


tipsybaker said...

If neophobe is a word, I suppose neophile must be a word too.
I have baked a buttery cake with teff and it worked beautifully.

All8 said...

I have a recipe for eggs poached in a tomato saucy mixture. I love it. The kids won't touch it.

I hold a sincere hope that the Biodiesel plant dies, before it's built.

I'm not adult enough to like beets yet.