Friday, July 15, 2011

in which I am a goober

I am in mourning a little bit, even though I knew the end was coming, and the real end came the day I finished reading book seven, not last night.

I am feeling very navel-gazey about the whole thing, and have written a sloppy, indulgent post on the cultural and spiritual importance of the Harry Potter series, which I daren't post because it is so totally goobery.

Just know that all those years ago, when the first two books had been released and everybody was throwing babies and fainting about how awesome they were (except for those nuts who were afraid of the books spawning a generation of Satanists), and I was dismissive and suspicious, and said to my coworker that they couldn't possibly be worth the amount of hype they were generating, and she convinced me to read them . . . boy, was I wrong. They were worth every bit of the hype, and so much more.

I wish I could have my memory wiped and read them for the first time again.

I give fair warning to my real-life associates that for the next few weeks this is probably all I'm going to talk about.


highdeekay said...

did you see it in 3d or 2d?

I really enjoyed the books (although I didn't read them, Phil and I listened to all of them as we traveled around the country). I've been increasingly disappointed in the movies, however. In fact, I just saw part 1 about two weeks ago. I'm glad to hear part 2 is not a disappointment.

Jenny said...

Good! I can hardly wait to talk to you about it and I'm dying that I have to wait until Tuesday to see it! See you in the morning? Hope so!

Melissa Cunningham said...

We went to the midnight viewing. SO fun. So strange. Rather than feel sad it was over, I was green with envy for her success. I want to write something that everyone goes ga ga over. What are the odds of that happening though? I'm going to go eat another piece of cake to soothe myself.