Sunday, July 31, 2011

make him pay fifty dollars every day

Yesterday was my birthday. Thank you, thank you. You're too kind. I am thirty-five now, which seems like kind of a boring age. It's not young anymore, and not old yet--right? We'll see how it goes. So far it's pretty rad.

I am a simple creature, with simple pleasures. I like eating and watching stuff, so yesterday was perfect. We went out to dinner with some friends at a terrific, pricey but not extravagant restaurant, where they make their own practically everything; then we went to a tenth anniversary party at a spa, where I got a free massage; then John and I went to Cowboys & Aliens, where I learned that for reals, you do not mess with Daniel Craig, and that Olivia Wilde may be the new Megan Fox, a development I welcome and embrace. Those toe-thumbs are so unsettling . . . but as I was saying, Cowboys & Aliens. I liked it. I think it's better than Super 8, even though the aliens have a severe physiological design flaw that you'd think they would have evolved past if they're so great.

Grant's birthday card said:
"Dear Mom,
You are the best mom I have ever had, my other moms have been mean, that is why I never wished them a happy birthday. I love you."

Is he the coolest son of all time? I think so.

Plus, I almost forgot: Thurl Bailey was at the same restaurant we were last night, and he can probably eat whatever kind of food he wants! So we must have good taste.


highdeekay said...

Happy birthday my friend. I'm glad those around you did it up right.

Grant is the funniest one and Phil is the most unfunny one. LOL

tipsybaker said...

Thirty-five is still young. For sure.

Tori said...

Happy birthday! I worried about you when I saw the very disparaging review of Cowboys & Aliens in the paper last Friday.