Monday, July 18, 2011

now he's poorly from too much electric

Sometimes I worry that I'm not well informed because the only news I get is from NPR. It's eclectic and intriguing, and they don't yell at me. But then I don't hear about people murdering their girlfriends or cougars attacking people in their yards. Are these things I should know? I wonder. I already think most people are dangerous scumbags, and I am already afraid of mountain lions, so maybe the local news is redundant affirmation of this. Mountain lions are very pretty, though. Their tails are the best ones among the big cats, and I'll go to my death saying it.

I would like to see the Forks Over Knives movie, but already I can see some potential disagreements I'm going to have with their premise. I wonder if they mean no meat at all in the diet. Less meat, meat sparingly, that I can get behind. But no meat? Hmm. We'll see what they say.

One of the previews at Harry Potter was for Cowboys & Aliens, which seems like it was made specifically for me. Maybe I should read the book?


Tori said...

I'm pretty sure that Forks Over Knives is going to get your dander up.

Did you read the EWG report on meat and cheese? I read it an panicked a moment, but then I convinced myself that it's not me they're talking about when they say "you eat too much meat and cheese" because I don't ever eat sausage AND bacon at breakfast (for instance).

highdeekay said...

As a fellow NPR addict, I have felt the same worries and come to the same conclusions. I figure if a flood is headed my way or there is a lunatic loose in my neighborhood, someone is going to post it on FB, right? :)