Thursday, July 28, 2011

now, tell dad what happened to your hair

Would you like to know how my goat training is progressing? Okay, I'll tell you.

Long Tall Sally is calm, docile and affectionate. She walks with her head held high to the milking parlor, hops onto the stand with no fuss, and placidly eats her grain while I pet her and trim her hooves and get her used to somebody fiddling with her udder. She walks back to the pen with a little grazing stop on the way, and goes through the gate without a fight.

Lovely Rita holds her head as low to the ground as she can, and holds her front legs stiff and in the air, so I essentially have to drag her, gasping and choking, into the milking parlor. She gets onto the stand and eats with no problems, and lets me handle her without freaking out, unless I try to trim her hooves. If I lift her leg to trim the hoof she has a tantrum. Then I have to drag her gasping and choking back to the pen.

Julia is somewhere between Sally and Rita in comportment. Not as much of a basket case as Rita, but nowhere near as compliant as Sally. But she lets me trim her hooves without fighting, and that goes a long way toward redemption.

1. Sally
2. Julia
3. Rita

1. Sally
2. Rita
3. Julia

How can it be that Sally is both the prettiest and the best-behaved? I feel very lucky.

A segment of the Daily Show got me to thinking, and here's my theory: Ann Coulter has a giant Boggle cube which contains sentences instead of letters. Every time she wants to write a book she gives the cube a shake, dumps all the sentences out, and there's her book. Then when sales slow down and she needs another book she shakes the cube again, and out come the sentences in a whole new order for the next book.


All8 said...

Hm, looks like you already know who you'll be keeping and who will be exiting the gene pool.

Did you find your bees?