Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I was a chubby lady hiding in the bushes

You guys. I am being the best goat husband this year. I have a little trouble with that terminology--the "animal husband" stuff--because it makes me feel butch, which I already sort of am, so it makes me feel self-conscious. I would like to say goat wife instead, but I think it might not be accurate. Are the animals always the wives and the farmers are always the husbands? That brings in some farmers are to livestock as husbands are to wives overtones, which is highly unsavory to me, being a Liberated Woman (like I said, butch). What is the protocol?

But as I was saying, I am so good at my job right now. I have been taking the babies up to the the milking stand and feeding them grain while I pet them, thereby helping them to associate the milking stand with food and affection. They are giant freaks about it still, but they're coming along.

I am trying to look objectively at my overwhelming desire to buy the apple orchard. Is it merely greed, or are there other factors at play? I know that part of my yearning is to keep the orchard from being cut down and developed, but is there also in the mix a longing for food security, and a desire to be part of the solution when the year-round buffet of out-of-season food comes to an end? Are these sensible thoughts? Do I truly understand the magnitude of the responsibility I would assume if we buy this land? Just how dirty can I allow our house to become in my quest for more and more arable land?

Well, it may not be an issue. We can't get the realtor to give us a straight answer about anything, and the comparative pittance we'd pay for the 2-something acres we're looking at is not winning any friends.

The stupid bees have left. There were quite a few stragglers at first, but now they're all gone, too. I don't know why. Maybe they got too hot on the south side of the garage. What a nightmare. But unless we find a swarm we're going to have to wait until next spring to get more.