Tuesday, August 30, 2011

regina coeli laetare

Well, yesterday was the first day of school and I already feel like I'm on a freight train hurtling along the tracks with all of the wheels coming off, so that's pretty neat. I need my kids to grow up just so I don't die of a coronary.

Why has no one invented a seamless sock yet? All my socks have a little seam end right on the fattest part of my little toe, and it gets squishy and painful. I wish I were a sock magnate, and I would right this terrible wrong.

Last night we went bowling for family home evening. There was another family in the lane next to us (copycats!), and the dad was one of Those Guys. He brought two or three of his own balls, had his own bowling shoes and a fancy wrist guard thing, and was all intense when he bowled, spinning the ball and whatnot. He berated his kids about their "approach," and generally was a big dummy--and the thing is, he stunk! Willa, a four-year-old, out-bowled him. She out-bowled me, too, so there's that.

The baby goats hate their worm medicine. Why don't they understand that it's tasty? I thought they were herd animals, so why don't they follow the examples of Traci and Hazel, and stomp all over each other trying to get more than their fair share?

I think it might still be too hot for soup, which is a bummer. I found a recipe for a pumpkin, barley and sage soup that I really want to try. I guess I'll make it anyway, and we'll sweat and be happy about it.

Why does lunch meat smell like farts?

Peach season report:
Redhaven, Regina and Glohaven are all on right now. Go buy some! I haven't had any of this season's Glohavens yet, but I've had Redhaven and Regina. My pick is Regina, only because the Redhavens stick to their pits just a little bit.


richvm said...

Let me know how that soup turns out. I love anything pumpkin and it sounds divine!

Jenny said...

That was me, not Ricardo.

Amy said...

Wait . . . was Willa using the bumpers when she out bowled everyone? I would love to take a nutrition class with you. By the way, I started taking chelated iron. Still waiting for that big surge of energy to hit though (hahahaha).